Dental implant procedure is widely used in today’s world as a way to replace missing teeth in one or both dental arches. Implants are easily integrated into the mouth and in most cases, if properly executed, are considered to be a safe procedure. In fact, dental implants contrary to general opinion, are inexpensive when measured in conjunction with benefits, not merely costs. Pearl Denture Clinic Centers are proud to offer permanent teeth solutions supported by dental implants to residents of Calgary and surrounding area. In some cases, Pearl’s teeth replacement options can restore your smile in just one day, while forever changing your life.


We provide dental implants to residents of Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere, Strathmore, Okotoks, High River and all across Southern Alberta to patients wishing to replace conventional removable dentures or failing and decayed natural teeth. Over the past decade, with advancement in technology and science, dental implant procedures have become the treatment of choice for many of our satisfied patients. The level of comfort and new confidence attained with this service is immeasurable in relation to improved quality of life.

Whether you are in need of complete or partial denture or you are replacing teeth with implants, you will find that Pearl Denture and Dental Care will be responsive to your needs, preferences and inquiries. Just as no single solution is right for everyone, your specific dental profile will determine what will work to your best advantage.

Dental implant technology has changed considerably within the last decade. During your extensive implant consultation and oral exam, you will be educated on the implant restoration and replacement procedures, how they work and how they will work for you.


Implants are an extremely important addition to your dental options. Dental implant is an artificial root replica, made of biocompatible material which is inserted into the jawbone. Once the tooth replica heals, various attachments can be attached to it. These attachments can accept different reconstruction such as crowns, bridges, and even permanent full arches of teeth. Dentures can be supported by implants too.



As a rule, there are two types of Calgary dental implants produced by dental implants companies:

Mini Dental Implants

Traditional Implants

The ever-progressing discussion on benefits of mini dental implants vs traditional implants is ongoing in today’s dental circles. In fact, either of these options is a viable option and has specific indications. The indication of use largely depends on each patient’s condition. The viability can only be determined by a dental professional, upon conducting a comprehensive oral exam and a series of radiographs.

In complex situations, CT scans can be indicated to make a decision. Both traditional and Mini dental implants have their treatment modalities and indicated use. Within the category of teeth implants, you will be shown the differences between permanently fixed and removable implant solutions, as well as the variety of available dental implants in Canada. Dental implant companies have saturated today’s outlets with an array of treatment options. As is the case with all of the extraordinary services at Pearl Denture Care Centers, your specific priorities will determine the direction in which we proceed. At our dental implant centre we are committed to your treatment success and positive outcome. More info on Dental Implants . Please view our Calgary Denture Clinic page for more info