dental implants

Mini dental implant is an excellent choice when cost is a primary factor. This type of implant is placed in bone as a single piece and has no interchangeable parts that protrude above the gum line. These affordable dental implants have found a great reception in our practice and have been embraced by many of our loyal patients.

Usually this type of implant is indicated if no additional tooth loss is expected in the future such as in complete or partial edentulism or at advanced age. If the alteration or a change of construction such as retrofitting removable to fixed option or vice verse is anticipated, dental mini implant is contraindicated.


On the other hand, Mini denture implants are an excellent choice in full or partial denture cases.

Often this type of implant is indicated when there is insufficient height or width of bone for performing of a dental implant procedure. In this case, a bone grafting for all on 4 dental implants should be utilized.

After wearing conventional dentures for most of their lives, most of our patients are certain that bones have shrunken extensively over the years. Bone grafting for dental implants could possibly be done for placement of traditional implants, though is not always feasible and is in some cases prohibitive. Mini implant retained dentures are an excellent choice in these situations. Mini dental implants for dentures are a most cost-effective method of permanently fixing a loose bottom denture. You will want to remember that Mini implants for upper dentures can be also e successfully utilized. Pearl Denture and Dental Care is your dental implant specialist.