This particular dental implant procedure is indicated when you “want to have your cake and eat it too.” The teeth implants are an excellent choice for permanent teeth replacement be it a dental bridge or fixed dentures solution such as all on 4 dental implants. At Pearl we offer options for replacing teeth so that you can make a best investment in your health. There is a wide range of dental implant related services that are described in the following paragraphs.

Calgary Dental Implants

Dental Implant Crown: Permanent Teeth Replacement

In this case, an artificial tooth root is placed in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth above your gum line. In this case, you will want a traditional and not a mini implant placed in this dental crown procedure. This is because dental crown and caps fail and often break with age. The fact that the component above your gum line is interchangeable means that the root part will serve you for years. This method could be the best way to replace missing teeth, one at a time.


Implant Supported Dentures

In most cases, the traditional implant should be placed into your jaw bone because it is sturdy and handles substantial chewing load forces. Very often, simultaneous bone grafting for dental implants should be done to increase bone mass in the area of an implant placement. This will explain the need for an extended dental implant surgery recovery and implant integration. During the dental implant surgery, most of the materials for bone grafting for dental implants are synthetic.

All on 4 implants

At least four implants in each jaw are required( called all on 4) to attain stability and proper function of the dental implants and dentures in this solution. The dentures are attached with special clips or “locator attachments” to the implants below, making a structure sometimes difficult to remove. The degree of hold strength can be adjusted with relative ease.

There are various force strengths of “locator inserts” that are color-coded. The inserts should be replaced by a dental professional every six months, to attain proper denture retention. Speak with your provider if you believe that your implant denture is either too loose or too tight. There is a right solution for you at Pearl.
all-on-4-Dental implant

Dental Bridge

Pearl’s dental bridge permanently fixed by implants is a best solution for multiple tooth or full arch implant replacements. To learn more about this exciting technology, please click here.

Teeth Implants

There are new advancements in science that utilize biologic cells and their differentiation with the application in teeth implants. In essence, the tooth bud is cloned in the laboratory. In the near future, the surgeon will be able to implant teeth grown in the lab directly into your mouth. Our practitioners are closely following the release of this technology, in conjunction with its potential ethical dilemmas.

Dental implants Cost are available to you in addition to the numerous innovative, professional services that are offered at Pearl Denture Care. Whether your needs include dental implants, dentures, denture repairs or assessments and treatments for sleep apnea and TMJ, we bring our passion for uncompromising professionalism to all we do.
No matter what option you choose, whether it is dental implants or conventional dentures, you can be assured that you will not leave our clinic with false teeth.

This is our most common dental implant procedure and it involves placing an artificial tooth in your jaw to be held above the gum line. Traditional implants are a permanent solution and are a much better option vs crowns or caps due to their durability. It’s common to also perform a bone graft in conjunction with a an implant procedure to increase bone mass in the targeted area. We provide Teeth-in-a-day and All on 4 dental implant solutions that allow for new teeth in one day with out all the invasive surgeries.

The dentures are attached with special inserts that should be replaced by a dental professional every six months.

Other Services

Pear Denture Care also provides a number of other services including dentures, denture repairs, and also assessments for sleep apnea and TMJ.