This is that remarkable procedure where dentures are completed in one appointment without intermediate fittings.

Immediate Dentures are full or partial dentures that are immediately placed in the mouth at the time of tooth/teeth extraction. This technique is widely used and practiced in oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

Initially, the immediate denture option sounds like great news for someone undergoing the stress and aggravation of losing some or all of their natural teeth. Psychologically, full mouth extractions and subsequent placement of immediate dentures is a devastating thought, especially for women. Along with other serious reservations that patients express during consultation is an avoidance of surgery paired with a fear of unknown. These are very serious reservations that practitioners often encounter during consultations, and if this is something you are facing, we want help put you at ease and guide you through this process.


We encourage you to start with a consultation and an exam at our clinic to help you become more educated on the subject of immediate dentures. If there were one thought we want you to retain from your appointments, it would be a knowledge that you are in the capable hands of professionals who always make certain that you can smile again and be happy. There is nothing more gratifying in our practice than to see a revitalized patient who isinstantly able to smile.

That is what immediate dentures Calgary accomplish. We wouldn’t be true to ourselves as clinicians if we presented only the coin face of the story. There is also the tails. As you will soon see, healing and integration of an immediate denture is an involved process that can take from six month to a year.

An example of prolonged healing would be the case of a patient with osteoporosis or compromised immunity. After a tooth has been extracted from the bone, the bone undergoes changes or what we call remodeling. This means that bone shrinks and moves during the healing process.

Because the immediate denture care process is quite involved and requires constant follow-up appointments, we often see that immediate dentures become neglected in most Calgary denturist and dental practices. Not so at Pearl Denture Care. In our practice we ensure that you return for regular follow up appointments. It is not unusual to have as many as eight to twelve appointments from the time the teeth are extracted, and the bone remodeling finally concludes. we also serve Airdrie and Cochrane for all your Denture needs

During the healing, changes occur each time that the bone shrinks a little. This reality affects the way the denture fits to the bone below. In many cases, healing will cause the denture to sit lopsided on the gums, affecting bite and chewing. At Pearl Denture Care, we compensate for shrinkage with a series of temporary gaskets that are called “tissue conditioners.” These tissue conditioners are designed to be soft at first and become gradually harder, to “tissue condition” the gums after the surgery and aid in your comfort. The TC procedure is a quite simple but vital step toward the positive outcome of the immediate denture and critical to ensure long-term success.

Another very important step in immediate denture care is a final rebase of the prosthetic teeth. Once the healing stops, the tissue conditioners must be removed from the inside of the denture, new impressions taken and the pink part of the denture remade to fit your gums. This is a necessary process because tissue conditioners are not designed to remain in the oral environment for more than 30 to 60 days. If left unattended, they harbor bacteria and microorganisms and begin remitting unpleasant odors, no matter how diligently you care for them.

The final issue is that of aesthetics. Due to the nature of the immediate denture procedure, the new denture cannot be tested for fit in wax, before it is finished. What this means is that you cannot try it in your mouth, see how it looks and approve the restoration before the denture is finished. “Why not?” you ask.

Simply put, the reason is that your natural broken down teeth have not yet been extracted at the time the dentures are being made. The impression of your existing mouth structures and natural teeth is made on your first appointment and the oral surgeon inserts something in your mouth when you go for extractions.

The question then arises, “How the heck do they do it right?” The question is a very valid one that deserves your particular attention.

Statistically, the vast majority of complaints in most dental offices pertain to the immediate dentures procedure. In our professional opinion, it is the most difficult dental procedure to do correctly, with aesthetically and functionally successful outcomes. That fact reasonably explains why 60-70% of providers do not add immediate dentures to their portfolios.

At Pearl Denture Care, we are thrilled to offer this option to you. We are very comfortable with the fact that we represent extraordinary outcomes, most current technology and an uncompromising attention to professionalism. You are entitled to no less, explaining why we have the substantial history of fully satisfied patients that we do. They have understood that they will receive the quality of care inherent to Pearl Denture Care.

As a final consideration to make your decision, you may be surprised to learn that we offer a full peace-of-mind aftercare lifetime warranty called Pearl ReCare on all of our services. To learn about our unconditional warranties, disclaimers, ReCare programs and how to enroll, we encourage you to visit our Warranty and ReCare pages on this site.

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And please remember, “If you are not wearing Pearl, you are wearing False Teeth.”

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