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Pearl Denture Care 600 Crowfoot Crescent Suite 265 Calgary, Alberta, T3G 0B4 Phone: 587.794.4141

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Pearl Denture Care 600 Crowfoot Crescent Suite 265 Calgary, Alberta, T3G 0B4 Phone: 587.794.4141

Full Dentures – how to decide

Often when trying to decide if the time has come to get full dentures it can be both emotional and scary. Your Dentist should be the fist person to help you with this decision. Often if you have gotten to this point of oral health then there has likely been ongoing issues with your teeth.

Yearly Checkups – Denturist Care

Denture and Oral Care Its very important to see your denturist at least once a year for checkups. Often this treatment is overlooked and sometimes not even done by some practitioners. Often patients don’t bother with a checkup because everything  seems fine, the dentures are fitting well and no pain or discomfort is occurring.  We

Types Of Denture Cleaners

    Microorganisms, like Candida albicans, will grow on dentures in the mouth in the same way that dental plaque will grow on a person’s natural teeth. This can result in Candida associated denture induced stomatitis, a condition that leads to inflammation and redness of oral mucous membranes.   Over time, the biofilm that develops

Foods to Avoid and Alternatives

Denture wearers have long been told they cant eat certain food , This can be true in certain circumstances but giving up food that you love and crave be really hard. Some foods should be avoided but not necessarily give up completely. Some of the often suggested food not to eat are: Nuts- Crazy about

Denture Facts – From A Professional Denturist

1.Regular Checkups even if your dentures fit perfect are needed You should go at least once a for a checkup from your denturist, A denturist will screen for signs of oral cancer , check dentures for wear , and ensure no bone loss is occurring. Also denture need to be checked for unusual wear. Your

New to wearing dentures?

NEW TO DENTURES? New denture users require time to get accustomed to their brand-new “teeth,” because even the best-fitting dentures will certainly feel unpleasant. To get accustomed to chewing with a brand-new denture, begin with soft, easy-to-chew foods. How do you care for a denture?   Denture adhesives may be recommended, especially for the newbie

A Few Thoughts on Dentures Costs

Dentures cost is necessarily a concern for most patients. Some philosophers have observed that attachment is often a primary source of suffering. Logically, detachment would be one’s ticket out of pain. This choice is much more complicated when it involves being separated from your money. While we are no experts in the psychology of detachment,

Grandma Skydiving Loses Teeth

Great job, Granny! Looks as though you have seized the moment to enjoy life to the fullest. Had you done some planning, you would have scheduled a convenient time to visit Pearl Denture Care to make certain that your dentures were comfortable, attractive, precise and fit so well that they didn’t fly out in during

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