ImprovemeStock6nts in tissue regeneration and integration of implants  has been a major area of ongoing research and developments in past decade. A revolutionary material has been produced and put forth by a respectable bio research firm Straumann AG and is available to dental professionals in Canada. Not coincidental but Straumann’s motto is “simply doing more”. The makeup of Emdogain is designed to achieve tissue regeneration in the mouth by stimulating the biological processes of natural tooth development. The development of Emdogain® is based on a breakthrough in the knowledge of the basic biology of matrix proteins, a complex of native pre natal proteins that play a key role in the development of tooth-supporting tissues. Comprised of various proteins, which self-assemble to create this matrix, Emdogain® replicates the formation of cementum on the roots of teeth and/or stimulates bone formation.   

On a more practical scale, it helps regain whats lost in your mouth, tissues like bone or tooth/bone attachment. How is it important, you ask?  Emdogain is most beneficial as a helping agent in implant restorations, in particular a surgical phase of implant placements. Think of it as a secret booster juice for the bone. If the bone is feeling weak, it will never grab a hold of the implant and your body would think that newly placed implant is a splinter. Subsequently weak bone will eventually  reject the newly placed dental implant.  This is a very simple explanation as to why some implants stay and some are rejected. As you can see utilizing Emdogain is critical in some if not all of the cases.   Even though Emdogain is a revolutionary material and has been produced by Straumann more then fifteen years ago sadly it is still rarely used.  Often I am confronted with difficult situations in my daily practice: treating patients that undergone unsuccessful implant treatments elsewhere. In compromised cases Emdogain has proven a great success clinically over long term.  If you have any questions simply get in touch with us. For now, take care of yourselves and the ones you love.


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