The brand name is more than just a word. It’s the beginning of a conversation.

We care

Plan for the future.

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The question of who we are is better answered as how did we come to be.

As committed denture care specialists, we sought to re-create the method by which our clients are welcomed, treated and understood.

Our goal was to redefine Calgary denture clinics by removing it from the category of routine, mechanical and uncaring to something new, distinct and centred around exceeding client expectations with customized, quality dentures and denture services.

Be bold.

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With the image of the pearl maturing from a single grain of sand into an object of beauty to be treasured, Pearl Denture Care™ has matured to a symbol of superior quality that is a given rather than an option.

Our patients are the beneficiaries of this superior essence. In terms of personal service, competence and value, we have redefined what is central to the denture selection process. Whether your needs are to enhance your appearance, increase comfort or maximize the functionality of your dentures, Pearl Denture Care™ will address and satisfy those needs with premier, personalized service.

We dream

Satisfied patients ask better questions.

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You are entitled to this level of service and attention. Pearl Denture Care™ is uncompromising in the delivery of that excellence. What does this mean to you in the design, construction and delivery of your new dentures? Through all phases of the process, your needs are understood, met and exceeded.

Invent, Create and Enjoy.

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Redesign and redefine your view of denture care. Rather than settling for anything less than best available, embrace a new definition of the highest quality and value in denture care.