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1.Regular Checkups even if your dentures fit perfect are needed

You should go at least once a for a checkup from your denturist, A denturist will screen for signs of oral cancer , check dentures for wear , and ensure no bone loss is occurring. Also denture need to be checked for unusual wear. Your gums need to be checked regularly to ensure there are issues such as inflammation or soreness.

2. Dentures don’t last forever and may need replacing.

Most dentures (if properly cared for) last between 5-6 years. After that they will likely need to replaced. There are 2 types of dentures premium and standard. Standard dentures are made from less expensive materials and tend to break down after 5 years or even less depending on where you had them made. Premium dentures tends to last longer and have a better wear retention. If your dentures have wear spots, or any cracks or chips you need to have looked at immediately.

3. People Who wear denture can eat normal foods

There is a myth that denture wearers need to adjust there eating habits. This simply is not true, most denture wearers can eat mostly everything. The truth is with dentures lots of people can eat more than they did when they had some of their natural teeth! There are still a few foods denture wearers should be wary about , things like nuts and sticky foods but other than that most time dentures actually aid the digestion of food because they are sharper than some natural teeth!

4. Don’t fix your own dentures!

If you have a accident with your denture , don’t try to fix it yourself! Todays dentures are made from high grade acrylics and its not advisable to try to glue them or fix them. You will likely affect the fit or comfort of the denture which could lead to more troubles. Your local certified Denturist often can fix the problem quickly with a small cost. Also if your denture is breaking or cracking it might be time to look at new ones!

5. Wearing Dentures can sometimes improve speech.

If you have had severe tooth loss most of your life likely your speaking has made adjustments you were even unaware of. Maybe your speech is not as clear as it used to be simply because of tooth loss. Once you get denture there will be a period of adjustment necessary but often there is dramatic improvement of speech once you get used to the denture.

6. Not all Dentures are the same!

Looking for dentures based on pricing is not a great idea there are many grades of dentures and shopping for the lease expensive is often a bad idea. Its a good idea to check with your insurance to see what you plan covers. The cheaper the denture the less time it will last and the worse the fit and look. Premium dentures look more like natural teeth, and last much longer. Often you get what you pay for.

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