At Pearl we take ReCare seriously because our satisfied patients are our greatest assets. We have designed a program that is unique to the industry, this is one of lifetime support and warranties for our loyal patients. As a means to say thank you for your trust and ensuring that our relationship is positive for the years to come, we offer a unique guarantee program for our Red and Black Label denture services.


Welcome to Pearl ReCare. Through the years many patients have asked us for the warranties that could secure their investment in the services they purchase. And we listened. Since our corporate inception in 2010, we have successfully implemented a comprehensive annual follow-up program which ensures that you keep on smiling for the years to come. This approach is unique in its design and scope of delivery; it is a hallmark of Pearl. Through the series of annual regularly scheduled appointments, we monitor that fit, function and condition of your oral appliances are professionally maintained and that you are updated on the status of your oral health on a regular basis.

Should you choose to participate in our ReCare program, a denture lifetime certified guarantee is automatically applied to your patient profile. We boast and rightfully so. Should your denture break, be lost or become unusable, it will be replaced for you at no charge as long as you are enrolled in the ReCare program. Yes we said it: it’s free. Please do not mention this to other denturist practices. They will not believe you anyway. As we constantly strive to outperform our own benchmarks and set the goals higher, you, our valued patient, are the sole beneficiary of this process.

With this unique program you benefit you in the following ways:

  • Annual Warranty Program
  • Comprehensive Denture Assessment and reports
  • In-house record-keeping should emergencies arise.
  • Unprecedented patient support
  • Security of knowing that you are in good hands
  • Lifetime replacement and defect guarantee
  • VIP response and fastest delivery timeframes

Some conditions apply. Please request a consultation for more information.Please view our calagry denture repairs  page for more info