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Accidental denture damage such as cracks or breaks can occur to even the most careful denture wearer. Common accidents such as chips, cracks ,broken teeth or full breaks. Partials and full dentures can be prone to breaks if dropped on a hard surface. It is important not to try to fix these yourself , don’t try to glue them or use any home remedy as you will likely cause more damage than good.

Check Your Dentures

If you notice your denture doesn’t feel right take it out and inspect it thoroughly , look for hairline cracks or chips in the acrylic.  Its a good idea before bed to to inspect your dentures for signs of excessive wear or possible break points. If you do see a crack or problem call us right away ( or in the morning). It is better to deal with the problem before it gets worse. Our onsite denturist will easily be able to inspect the denture and advise you on repairs or costs involved.  If you denture is older than 5-7 years you may wan to consider a new one. Often after 5 years they will begin to wear out and your jaw / gum line has like changed.

Things to Avoid

  • Using any glue to fix your dentures
  • using any household items to repair your denture
  • eating hard foods when your denture has a fracture
  • ANY do it yourself repair kits






Often these accidents occur during the worst times like weekend or holidays! At Pearl Denture Care we know this can happen so we offer emergency after hours repair on weekends. Please Call for an appointment 587.794.4141  We can repair your dentures on site quickly and with little wait. Our denturist will ensure that a repair is the best approach and advise you of other  options if necessary. Check our Calgary Denture Clinic page for more info on us