PerfectStrawberryDenture wearers have long been told they cant eat certain food , This can be true in certain circumstances but giving up food that you love and crave be really hard. Some foods should be avoided but not necessarily give up completely. Some of the often suggested food not to eat are:


Crazy about nuts? Almonds, cashews , Peanuts ect! these are really hard to give up but anyone who has dentures and has eaten them before knows that they tend to get under your dentures and agitate your gums. Kinda like having a rock inside  your shoe! What can you do if you love nuts? try other salty alternatives , Olives for example, or Pickles, Grapes and berries are also a good alternative.


This is a tough one , who doesn’t love a good steak? While it can be hard on your gums and tough to chew i don’t recommend giving up steak per say . A couple of ways around this are to eat better cuts of steak – Buy tenderloin or very to chew cuts. Stay away from tough steak ( not mention its not as good). Another way is to cut your pieces smaller – make it easier to chew them up and less work for your dentures.


everyone loves strawberries?Unfortunately the little seeds are a major irritant to dentures and can cause pain to the gums. its like going to bed with sand in your sheets ! The best choice instead one of the fruits that have little or no seeds like blueberries, or grapes

Sticky Candy-

Ju-Jubes, Carmel , stick candy is the worst for your dentures , likely they will get stuck into your dentures, or cause them to to stick together. If you have partial they they can can tangle inside the clasps . Some types of gum if you chew gum is bad as well. If you like candy or gum just stay away from the stick stuff, chose alternatives like Ice cream or cake.



Popcorn cause problems not just to denture wearer but also non denture wearers. Lots of people broken teeth on popcorn just due to the fact that often you will bit down one a un-popped kernel! Popcorn husks often can wedge them selves under your denture and cause pain as well can be difficult to get out with fulling removing your denture. Eating other types of snacks like chips could be a better choice , even softer types of snack like veggies chips would be an even better choice.


Dentures don’t have ruin your eating choice , you just have to  decide what less problematic foods for your personal situation. Staying away from certain food can make your denture wearing much easier on you. Visit Us on Facebook  and our Youtube Channel 


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