What is a Dental Implant Procedure?

The dental implant procedure is a method of implanting the prosthetic replica of the tooth root into your jaw, simultaneously tricking the bone cells into believing it is not a splinter. This process in dentistry is called Osseo integration.

This procedure for dental implant integration has been available for more than 45 years, initially on an experimental basis. It was first introduced and patented by Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark, for use in surgical applications in Sweden where he completed most of his research.

Dr. Branemark has clinically introduced effective implant treatments into dentistry, thus reversing the stigma associated with implantology that prevailed in the dental community. Previously reserved for oral surgeons, implant procedures became widely available, to be performed also by general dentists, thus drastically reducing dental implants cost.

Dental Implants vs Dentures: What’s the Difference?

Dental implants vs. dentures is a contradiction. In fact, these are not mutually exclusive terms. Now that we have reviewed words from the first year of university for linguistic majors, let’s cover their real meanings.

Dental implants and dentures accomplish two separate goals in your mouth. Dentures or dental bridges restore teeth above the gum line. Implants serve as chewing support fixtures to accept the load beneath the gum line. In other words, implants are imbedded in the jaw bone for support; dentures or bridges restore the actual pearly whites. Therefore, the dental implant versus dentures argument is lost before it is initiated. Dental implants and dentures will harmoniously work together. Visit the Dental Implants section of our site under the Services tab to learn about this treatment option.
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Are Dental Implants Cheap?

The better question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want quality results that will last?” Like anything, you get what you pay for. At Pearl Denture Care we want to provide you with a premium service that ensures you have long lasting results and years of happiness.

Dental Implants vs Crowns

As we know, nothing beats the Crown, especially in Canada. Thus the argument of Dental implant vs crowns raised by your dentist is destined to fail. Dental implants and crowns work together very well and are the best option available at our clinic for replacement of a single self-standing tooth in the dental arch. If you are missing more than one tooth, dental implants vs. crown may not be the right solution for you. Visit the Dental Implants section of our site to learn more about your options. You may also book an initial consultation and comprehensive oral exam appointment with our practice. You might well determine that dental implant crowns are right for you. Act on this opportunity!

Dental Implants vs Bridges

Dental implants and bridges could be mutually canceling solutions and vice versa. If you need a bridge that means you have one or more teeth missing in your dental arch. A bridge must connect something, right? Conventional old school bridges would connect natural teeth.

If your practitioner advises you to cut down your natural teeth to accept the dental bridge, ask them whether or not they would advise the same solution for their mother. Wait a moment and see them blush.

At Pearl we have a dental implants bridges “new school” solution that does not require reducing natural tooth structures. First, the implants are integrated in your jaw bone. They act as fixtures to support the dental implant bridges that are affixed to them above the gum line. The best feature of dental implant bridges is that they do not decay. This may well explain why dental implant bridges are not widely offered in general dental practices.

Dental Implants Cost

Dental implant cost is a widely discussed and sensitive subject in dentistry.

Statistically, cost of dental implants is the single most prohibitive factor that hinders treatment acceptance by patients. The unfortunate consequence is preventing them from improving their wellbeing.

Dental implant cost varies greatly with the treatment option. The better the practitioner, the more value attributed to their time and abilities. The better question to pose would be, would you want an eye surgery done by an amateur doctor found in two for one special newspaper ads? Or would you find the best ophthalmic surgeon in your vicinity and finance his fees on your line of credit, irrespective of the numbers?

Please pause and consider this subject for a moment. It seems we both know the answer. Dental implant cost should always be measured in view of value, not dollars. If you comprehend what immeasurable benefit you gain and life changing decision you make by accepting ANY implant option, dental implant cost becomes secondary. Any serious consideration of the cost of dental implants rapidly dissipates. Indeed, cost of dental implants is negligible when viewed through the prism of life improvement that this treatment option brings to your portfolio.

What is a Tooth Replacement Procedure?

The tooth implant procedure is a procedure done with predictable results and excellent outcomes when performed properly. Implant tooth procedure involves placement of the root implant replica into the bone, using it as a substructure for creation of all things beautiful above the gum line.

Tooth implant procedure is perhaps the most revolutionary technique that can only be compared to the widespread use of local anesthetics for pain control. The opportunities made available since the advancement of tooth implant procedures are enormous. No more are dental providers bound by the rules of “what is lost is lost.” Mouth function can be fully regained with tooth dental procedures done at Pearl Denture and Dental Care.

Why should I seek treatment from a denturist rather than a dentist?

While dentists are fully trained on a wide range of dental services, denturists are specialists in the field of denture creation and adjustment.  As an example, when you are in need of surgery, would you seek the services of a general practice physician or a surgeon who performs numerous surgeries on a daily basis?

Can I repair my dentures in my home? Should I?

The short answer is yes.  An excellent analogy might be to ask a chef if you can cook.  The more appropriate question is should I or why should I? For those who are not already aware, Crazy Glue is a poisonous substance; if ingested, you must see a physician immediately.  But because Pearl Denture Care is fully committed to your comfort and convenience, there is absolutely no need to consider this as an option. The majority of emergency repairs can be done in a short time while you relax in the comfort of our waiting room. You can enjoy professionally completed repairs and eliminate the risk of doing additional damage.

Am I in need of a rebase?

As denture appliances are worn and used, they create pressure on bones and jaws. With the pressure generated by chewing muscles and tightly opposing tooth contacts, guns and surrounding structures are subjected to considerable abuse.

Changes to tissues are gradual and seldom perceived. With professional expertise, the fit of dentures in conjunction with oral tissues is accomplished through assessment and precise measurements. Pearl ReCare completes these evaluations during your annual recall visits, further illustrating our ongoing commitment to your oral health.

Why would my bottom denture be loose and the top fit perfectly?

This seemingly simple question has been discussed at length in ancient Greek philosophy by such dignitaries as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. At least twenty-nine of Aristotle’s treatises have survived in the body of work called Aristotelicum, on a variety of subjects including logic, physics, optics, metaphysics, ethics, rhetoric, politics, poetry, botany and zoology. Because Aristotle is considered to have given greater weight to empirical and practical concerns, we follow his example.

On the subject of dentures, Aristotle and Pearl Denture Care concur that once natural teeth are lost, mouth functions change. Unfortunately, after natural teeth are lost, conventional dentures can only be placed on gums and muscles. Doing so results in severe limitation of muscle mobility. All major muscles of the tongue and mouth floor originate and attach on the lower jaw. By comparison, no major muscles are involved in the fit of your top dentures. There is the answer. Functionality of mandibular (bottom) dentures can be greatly enhanced through the placement of only two implants, securing bottom dentures and reversing your negative experiences for your lifetime.

For the most part, I am happy with my dentures. But why do they shift when I am chewing?

When your natural teeth were in place, chewing pressures transferred directly to the surrounding bones and hard structures. Soft tissues (such as gums) have only a protective function. Consequently, all load bearing is assumed by the bone.

At Pearl Denture Care, we will restore you to the beautiful smile you once had, from the aesthetic perspective. From the functional standpoint, we can employ dental implants to return the function of your natural teeth.

Because dentures only replace the look of natural teeth and not the function, we can predictably and precisely anchor your beautiful new teeth to the bone through implants. Once you set a treatment planning appointment with your practitioner, we will examine your alternatives and see if implants are the best solution for you.

What happens in the event of an emergency? Do I have options?

Emergencies seldom arise for our loyal patients. If they do, Pearl Denture Care provides same day treatment for new or existing patients who are experiencing pain or are in need of urgent repairs. We understand your needs and the seriousness of your being unable to smile. As a result, your comfort is always our priority.

Cheap Dental Implants

Dental implants cheap sounds more like a Kijiji ad. It produces visions of unlicensed practitioners operating in non-sterile environments, in rented basements. Cheap dental implants are possible solutions, however. They become more appealing when highly touted by your provider who speaks broken English.

It is vital to assess the “cheapness” of a service based on the benefit it provides and to ensure that no questions remain unanswered. As a rule, cheap dental implant is the one that is manufactured in Communist China by a company that has been in the automotive fastener business. When they decide to move to another industry, customer support will be lost and you will be left with practically irreversible solutions. At Pearl we call it “All on 4 or none on 3.”

In Calgary we see a number of cases completed abroad during winter months. We have yet to see one that does not fail within a short period of time, returning the patient to our clinic. At Pearl Denture and Dental Care cost effective “cheap dental implant” options are available for your specific situation and do not compromise the quality of restorations.

Please visit our pages and learn about the Mini implant that is available for full or partial dentures. Another option is the Pearl Dental Bridge utilizing conventional implant fixtures. Your office consultation is a great place to gain an understanding of how cheap the “cheap” really is. As has often been said, the sweetness of the deal can quickly be spoiled by the sourness of an outcome. Not so at Pearl.