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Its very important to see your denturist at least once a year for checkups. Often this treatment is overlooked and sometimes not even done by some practitioners. Often patients don’t bother with a checkup because everything  seems fine, the dentures are fitting well and no pain or discomfort is occurring.  We it may be true there are no issues , the reasons for regular checkups are numerous and important for a denture wearer. One of the most important reason for a checkup is bone loss and gum shrinkage.

One of the problems with full mouth tooth loss is the jaw bone tends to wear down over time with dentures. Poor fitting dentures or slippage may cause wear on the bones in your mouth , this can cause pain of course but also wear on the bone will cause your jaw and upper bone area to wear down. This in turn causes you dentures to fit looser and looser , causing more wear on bones. Regular checks can asses bone loss and adjust dentures as need to prevent this. Your  bones in your mouth also tend to shrink over time without teeth to support them , this shrinkage can also affect the look of your face. The denturist can also check your gums for shrinkage and adjust your dentures. This can prevent sore spots and general problems chewing which can lead to more health conditions.

One of the best solutions to these problems is implant retained dentures. This involves having 4 posts permanently implanted into your jaw to support your dentures. This solution prevents movement of the dentures and also provides support for the bones in your mouth. This prevents wear and shrinkage , and generally has a much more natural feeling.

It is advisable also for denture wearer to have regular oral cancer screening. In some cases denture wearers are more prone to oral cancer , that combine with the older age bracket of denture wearers the risk is higher. Denturists are your first line of defence in your oral health and should do a an oral exam each year to check for any possible signs of cancer.

Pearl Denture Care  the industry leading denture  recall process to ensure your oral health and denture are cared for …..its in our name after all! Call us for appointment to have your dentures cared for!

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